INdAM Meeting

Cortona, June Monday 26th - June Friday 30th 2023

Aims and scopes
Convex geometry is, in simple terms, the study of compact and convex subsets (convex bodies) of the n dimensional Euclidean space \(\mathbb R^n\). A comprehensive picture of this subject is offered by the monograph: Convex bodies: The Brunn-Minkowski theory, (Cambridge University Press, 2014, second expanded edition), by Schneider.
The origins of convex geometry can be traced back in the fundamental works of Brunn, Minkowski, Blaschke, and Aleksandrov, from the end of the 19th and the early 20th century. In the second part of the last century, crucial developments in the theory were made through the contributions of Gruber, Hadwiger, Lutwak, McMullen, V. Milman, Schneider, and many others. Based on their work, a new generation of mathematicians is nowadays exploring new directions of research, in the various areas that compose the field.
This meeting aims at bringing together leading experts in convex geometry and in the theory of PDEs and young researchers who are starting to work in convex geometry.

The (in-person) participation to the meeting is by invitation only. However, we plan to stream the conference also online. If you are interested in attending the meeting online, please contact the organising committee.
Scientific committee
Andrea Colesanti (University of Florence), Monika Ludwig (Technische Universität, Vienna), Gaoyong Zhang (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University).
  • Artstein, Shiri (Tel Aviv, Israel)

  • Bernig, Andreas (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Boroczky, Karoly (Budapest, Hungary)

  • Cianchi Andrea (Florence, Italy)

  • Livshyts, Galyna (Atlanta, US)

  • Mussnig, Fabian (Vienna, Austria)

  • Reitzner, Matthias (Osnabrück, Germany)

  • Van Handel, Ramon (Princeton, US)

  • Zhao, Yiming (Syracuse, US)


The book of abstract is available here.
The speakers agreed to share the slides with the participants to the meeting. We kindly ask you not to distribute them outside of this group.
Ai-Jun Li; Bernig; Boroczky; Faifman; Giannopoulos; Haddad; Hofstaetter; Knoerr; Koldobsky; Kotrbaty; Langharst; Li; Lin; Livshyts; Mussnig; Reitzner; Rotem; Saroglou; Schneider; Semenov; Ulivelli; Wannerer; Yepes-Nicolas; Wyczesany; Zhao.
The meeting will take place in the "Palazzone" building, a medieval castle belonging to the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, located in Cortona (Arezzo, Italy).
It can be reached :
  • By train + bus: Cortona is connected by bus (or taxi) to the railway stations Terontola-Cortona (10 km to center) and Camucia-Cortona (5 km to center). Regular trains connect these stations to Florence, Rome, Siena or Pisa. For the train schedules, please see the official website of Trenitalia.
  • By plane : the closest airport is Florence (FLR-Peretola airport). Other options are in Rome, or Pisa (PSA-Galilei airport).
  • By car:
    -From Rome (~200 Km): Autostrada del Sole (Highway A1), Nord-bound: "Valdichiana" Exit. Then Siena-Perugia State Road towards Perugia.
    -From Florence (~119 KM): Autostrada del Sole (Highway A1), South-bound: "Valdichiana" Exit. Then Siena-Perugia State Road towards Perugia.
    -From Pisa (~215 KM): Highway A11 bound to Florence, then Autostrada del Sole (Highway A1), South-bound: "Valdichiana" Exit. Then Siena-Perugia State Road towards Perugia.
Here is a list of some hotels in Cortona. The distance to the "Palazzone" building is specified in parantheses.
  • Le Contesse *** (~300m), Via delle Contesse 1, Cortona.
    Some rooms have already been reserved here for the participants to the meeting. If you want to book one of them, please write an e-mail to Andrea Colesanti. The price of a single room is approximately 65€/night.
Other hotels:
  • Villa Santa Margherita (~1km), Viale Cesare Battisti 17, Cortona.
  • San Luca **** (~1.5km), Piazza Garibaldi 1, Cortona
  • San Michele **** (~1.7km), Via Guelfa 15, Cortona
  • Italia *** (~1.7km), Via Ghibellina 5/7, Cortona
  • Villa Marsili *** (~1km), Viale C. Battisti 13, Cortona
  • Farneta (~12.5km), Località Farneta 3, Cortona
Group pictures
All the pictures are similar, but hopefully everybody finds one in which she/he is looking at the camera and smiling:
1-front 2-front 3-window 4-window 5-window 6-window
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Organising Committee
Gabriele Bianchi (University of Florence), Paolo Gronchi (University of Florence), Ilaria Lucardesi (University of Florence).
Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica INdAM