About GTACoS

The idea of “Geometry & TACoS” is to have regular mathematical conferences on specific themes, related, in a broad sense, to Geometry and Topology of (Almost) Complex Structures. Each conference will consist of three blocks:

  1. A series of four lectures, by four speakers, which will be available on our YouTube channel at the beginning of each period.
  2. A discussion platform, available on Gitter, will be active for two weeks after the release of the videos. There, the participants will be able to interchange remarks, comments, and open questions concerning the topics of the four lectures, as well as interact with each other, the organizers and with the speakers (both in a public and a private way). This is perhaps the most important part, as it tries to mimic the spontaneous discussions which arise at a conference, aside from the talks; the participants are therefore encouraged to use the platform for all sorts of interactions. To familiarize you with Gitter, we have prepared a small guide. After the two weeks have elapsed, the chatting area will remain active so that discussions can go on.
  3. The organizers will follow the development of the discussion and collect questions for the third part of the event, which is an informal coffee break (or TACoS break?) on Zoom, moderated by the organizers, during which the speakers may report on questions and comments that were asked in the chat rooms, and interact personally with the participants.


Apart from the YouTube channel and the Gitter platform, “Geometry & TACoS” has a webpage where the information about the times, the links to the videos and to the Gitter platform, as well as a way to contact the organizers, are available. The link to the Coffee Break will also be made available through researchseminars.org. If you’d like to receive updates from us, write an email to gtacos20@gmail.com, we’ll add you to our mailing list.

The first two sessions are on “Cohomology and Characteristic Classes of (Almost) Complex Manifolds” and on “Nilmanifold and Solvmanifold Techniques in Complex Geometry“. Some rough topic ideas for future meetings include Geometric Flows, Complex Tools on Almost Complex Manifolds, Special Metrics, … We are open to any kind of suggestions about future topics: contact us at gtacos20@gmail.com.